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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

139,000 new homes completed 01/09/2016

The latest house building data shows that 139,030 new homes were completed in England in the year up to June 2016.


While housing completions are now 39% above the trough in March 2013, they still remain way below the figure of 250,000 which most commentators say is needed. It's also 28% below the March 2007 peak just before the banking crisis.


ARCH argues that we're still not building anywhere near the homes we need and that the government's target of a million new homes in the lifetime of this Parliament is unlikely to be achieved.


The government must act in the Autumn Statement to make sure more homes are built and stock retained councils, if allowed to, can play an important role in contributing to this target by building more council housing.

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