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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

ARCH and NFA issue briefing for Lords 21/01/2016

The Housing and Planning Bill has now passed its Third Reading in the House of Commons and will now be considered by the House of Lords.


ARCH and the NFA have issued a briefing to urge members of the House of Lords to consider amendments to the Bill to enable stock retained councils and ALMOs to build more homes.


The briefing urges the House of Lords to consider amendments to the Bill. In particular to:


  • Amend Clause 72 of the Bill (Reduction of payment by agreement) to mirror the "2 for 1" amendment put forward by Zac Goldsmith MP for London to similarly provide that where an agreement is made with a local housing authority outside London it must require the Secretary of State to ensure that at least one new affordable home is provided for each high value dwelling that has to be sold.  Arch also argues that any agreements should ensure no loss of social or affordable rented accommodation.
  • Delete Clause 78 of the Bill (Mandatory rents for high income local authority tenants) which makes the introduction of a "pay to stay scheme" mandatory for council tenants - but leaves it voluntary for housing associations.
  • To agree that if mandatory rents for high income local authority tenants is to remain compulsory for councils to delete Clause 84 of the Bill which would at least enable local councils to retain any additional income provided it is used to support investment locally in new homes.
  • To withdraw Clause 113 and Schedule 7 of the Bill (Phasing out of lifetime tenancies) pending proper public consultation
  • To agree that if the use of lifetime tenancies are to be phased out then at least existing tenants requesting to transfer to alternative accommodation should be exempted and be allowed to retain full security of tenure in any council accommodation to which they may be transferred.


View the full briefing.

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