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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

ARCH Annual Report 2015 26/11/2015

Read our annual report 2014-15.


ARCH is an association of councils in England and Wales who, with the support of their tenants, have retained ownership and management of their council housing stock. 


We have around 65 member councils and are governed by an Executive Board of representatives from 11 member councils elected annually from our wider membership. We also have a national Tenants' Group comprising tenant representatives elected from our member councils. The Group nominates two representatives to sit on the ARCH Board ensuring that the tenants' voice is considered in developing our policies and responses to issues concerning the management and maintenance of council housing.


We provide a voice for the stock retained sector with the aim of ensuring a sustainable future for council housing by:


  • representing, supporting and listening to member councils and their tenants
  • helping members overcome the challenges faced by the sector and responding to the government's housing policies and legislative programme
  • lobbying the government to ensure a real future for council housing
  • demonstrating the benefits of the stock retained sector in meeting local and national housing needs
  • promoting best practice in the sector and celebrating the success of the sector in delivering cost effective quality housing services


We represent the views of our members and the stock retained sector, providing an opportunity for stock retained councils to work collectively, be heard nationally and achieve efficiencies through collaboration, sharing of best practice and joint working.


Read our annual report 2014-15.

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