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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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ARCH Awards 2013 25/09/2013 Labelled as Tenants

The ARCH awards is an opportunity for local authorities and their tenants to showcase their achievements with others and receive recognition at the event. The nominations and winners of the ARCH awards were announced at the Tenants Conference, Great Yarmouth on 19 September 2013. 


Innovation and Sustainability award


This award praises the work that housing providers do to support the physical, social and economic development of communities and neighbourhoods. The successful shortlisted candidates for this award have introduced a new approach during the year that has dramatically improved the performance of the organisation and/or the lives of its tenants.


 Tyneside CC

North Tyneside Council


Providing excellent services, supporting independent living and improving tenancy sustainability is a key priority for North Tyneside Council. The last 12 months has seen them significantly improve in their area by delivery an exciting project, which aims to optimise the health and wellbeing of older people in North Tyneside Homes's sheltered accommodation. The project has reduced emergency hospital admissions for tenants and reduced the length of stay for those tenants who require time in hospital. North Tyneside sought to achieve this by understanding the issues and implementing a range of preventative strategies, enablement and rehabilitation improvements.


Excellence in Participation award


This award recognises organisations that have empowered their tenants to be involved in both the management of their housing and their community. Organisations shortlisted have demonstrated a real commitment to involving tenants in the design, delivery and monitoring of their services; worked with tenants and local partner organisations to deliver benefits for the whole community and developed tenants' skills and empowered them to be active in their community.


Hull CC 

Hull City Council - Learning Disability Focus

The Learning Disability Focus Group (LDIS) is an initiative which was developed in 2009, to engage with customers who have a learning disability, carers or anyone who has an interest in housing services specifically provided for people with a learning disability. The LDIS members are either current or prospective customers living on a council estate and are referred through stakeholders or are currently accessing Hull City Council Housing Services.


Tenant of the Year Award


This award recognises the individual tenant who has dedicated their time to improving social housing. Shortlisted individuals for 2013 have demonstrated how they have engaged their local community and worked with its local authority in shaping an initiative. They have also achieved clear and sustainable outcomes for their local community.


 Tenant of the year

Joan Goodwin, Birmingham City Council

Joan has been a tenant representative for over 20 years and is a member of Yardley Wood Housing Liaison Board (HLB). She is passionate about tenants having a say on their local housing services and is keen to get other tenants involved. In 2000 Joan was elected by her HLB to represent it on the City HLB. Joan's main motivation was to improve the quality of the housing service and do more to help and support vulnerable tenants.


Click here for the ARCH Tenants' Conference 2013 report


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