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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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ARCH awards 2014 25/09/2014

The ARCH awards is an opportunity for local authorities and their tenants to showcase their achievements with others and receive recognition at the event. The nominations and winners of the ARCH awards were announced at the Tenants' Conference, Birmingham, 18 September.


Award for encouragement and support for tenant empowerment


This award highlights the work that councils do to support tenant empowerment and develop their communities and neighbourhoods.  This award is open to any local authority who has successfully introduced a new approach during the year that has dramatically improved its own performance and/or the lives of its tenants. 


This award recognises a council that have empowered their tenants to be involved in both the management of their housing and their community. For example, organisations that have:


• Demonstrated a real commitment to involving tenants in how their services are designed, delivered and monitored

• Worked with tenants and local partner organisations to deliver benefits for the whole community

• Developed tenants' skills and empowered them to be active in the community


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Norwich City Council

Norwich City Council's new tenant involvement structure has been designed, tested and approved  by their tenants. Alongside two new strategic tenant panels for general needs tenants, a brand new strategic level panel has been created for sheltered housing tenants to ensure they have the same level if influence and involvement. The council has several local tenant involvement activities such as a repairs materials advisory group, mystery shoppers, an annual report working group as well as housing fun days and many more activities.



Tenant of the Year award


This award recognises the individual tenant who has dedicated their time to improving social housing.  Shortlisted individuals for 2014 have demonstrated how they have engaged the local community and worked with its local authority in shaping an initiative.  They have also achieved clear and sustainable outcomes for their local community.  

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Samantha Vaughan, Birmingham City Council

Samantha has been a member of the Perry Barry HLB for the last 3 years. She initially joined the HLB as she was experiencing anti-social behaviour. However she quickly realised that by joining the HLB and playing an active role within her community she could achieve so much more and really help improve the lives of other tenants like herself in the local community. Samantha has since gone on to champion the needs of other disabled tenants building successful relationships with the local housing team, councillors and partners to get overhanging trees cut back, raised slabs mended and apply for funding to build a sensory garden at the block where she lives.

Samantha is also an active member of the WAWI project (Why are West Indian's?) which has allowed her to use her creative skills and connections within the community to promote Black History.  Samantha also volunteers at Heartlands Hospital, helping children express themselves through art to improve their health and well-being.



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