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ARCH tenants influence the national housing debate 11/02/2015 Labelled as Tenants

ManifestoLaunch1The Chair and Vice-Chair together with a number of members of the ARCH Tenants Group attended the launch of a joint manifesto published by ARCH and the NFA. The manifesto, entitled "For a Council Housing Renaissance"  was launched at a reception at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 3 February ahead of the forthcoming General Election in May. The document argues that councils and council housing can and should play a much bigger role in ensuring that there are enough adequate homes for everyone in our country, regardless of income.
The joint manifesto has the support of both organisations who have come together for the first time to campaign for a better deal for council tenants and those in need of council housing.  The two organisations together representing well over 1million tenants and by coming together to speak with one voice on some of the key issues facing stock retained councils they hope to have a strong influence on MP's thinking and on the government's housing agenda in the next parliament after May.
Like any jointly agreed document the manifesto is built on areas of consensus between the two organisations, however the ARCH Tenants Group and ARCH tenants have had a very strong influence on the priorities contained in the joint manifesto which reflects some of the key priorities and recommendations that were discussed by ARCH tenants at the last ARCH Tenants Conference.  ARCH and the NFA will continue to campaign separately on those issues where the interests and priorities of their members and tenants differ

Jenny Hill, Chair of ARCH Tenants Group said:

'I am delighted that the views of tenants attending the ARCH tenants conference and the ARCH Tenants Group  have helped to produce this manifesto and that so many ARCH member organisations attended the launch of the Manifesto at the House of Commons'

These are the recommendations that came out of the Tenants' Conference held in September 2014 and this is the Manifesto launched on the 3 February 2015 showing how they have been fed into the Joint Manifesto.


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