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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

ARCH work on self-financing recognised in House of Commons Briefing 04/03/2015

The work ARCH has been doing on behalf of its members has been recognised in an influential House of Commons briefing for MPs.

The briefing "Local housing authorities - the self-financing regime: progress and issues" provides an excellent summary of the implications of local authorities with retained stock moving to the new self-financing regime from April 2012 and has been provided to MPs in support of their parliamentary duties.


The briefing recognises that Councils are responding well to the new self-financing framework and that over the next 5 years councils will invest an average of around £9,000 per dwelling in their existing stock and that 93% of council's had plans to build new council housing albeit on a modest scale, constrained as they are by the HRA borrowing cap and public sector borrowing rules.


The briefing references the recently launched ARCH/NFA Manifesto as well as the Lyons review and the recently published Elphicke-House report to both of which ARCH made submissions on behalf of its members.


The briefing paper reflects some of the issues raised in the ARCH manifesto notably:


  • Uncertainties around income collection as a result of various welfare reform measures.


  • Reductions in assumed annual income from RTB receipts in the original self-financing settlement as a result of the reinvigorated RTB and recognition that in terms of 1-for-1 replacements at present the ratio is 1-for-7 with just one home being built for every seven sold under the reinvigorated RTB.


  • The case for change in UK borrowing rules including raising the borrowing cap introduced under self-financing as well as the case for amending UK fiscal rules to put municipally owned housing on the same footing as municipally owned housing in other E.U. countries such as Sweden, Austria, Finland and France) to enable stock retained councils to enjoy the same borrowing freedoms as housing associations.


ARCH members may also find the briefing paper provides an extremely useful reference document and summary of the introduction and development of the new self-financing regime from 2012 and as such helpful to them in briefing newly elected councillors, tenant representatives and staff.

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