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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Benefit to Society campaign launch 01/02/2018 Labelled as Tenants

The formal launch of the Benefit to Society Campaign will take place at the House of Commons on 28 February.


ARCH is a supporter of the Benefit to Society campaign which aims to end social housing stereotypes!


Common misrepresentations of social housing tenants in the local and national media often include inaccurate perceptions such as tenants being associated with exploiting the benefit system and living in run down estates. These misrepresentations are damaging and drive the public to have a typically negative stereotypical view of social housing tenants.


The Benefit to Society campaign brings together nearly 30 housing organisations across the country and has commissioned an academic research programme into the problem of stereotyping social housing tenants to help deliver a high impact campaign that will challenge the way the public think and will help tackle the stigma associated with social housing.


The Campaign is led by a steering group of tenants and staff from the sponsor organisations including representatives from the ARCH Tenant Group. 


The launch of the Benefit to Society campaign will be hosted by Ed Vaizey MP in the House of Commons on 28 February 2018 and will include:


  • new research by the LSE looking at why stigma around social housing has grown, and


  • a social media campaign designed to share a different narrative about the people living in social housing.


The launch will be attended by representatives from the ARCH Tenant Group.

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