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Councils expected to fund fire safety works themselves John Bibby - 03/08/2017 Labelled as Repairs

In a letter to local authorities Secretary of State Sajid Javid has said that the government expects councils to fund measures designed to make buildings fire safe and to draw on their existing resources to do so.


In the letter the Secretary of State goes on to say  that where a local authority has concerns about funding essential fire safety measures, they should approach the Department for Communities & Local Government to discuss their position and goes on to say that where works are necessary to ensure the fire safety of a building, the Department will ensure that lack of financial resources will not prevent them going ahead but makes it clear that it would not include general improvements or enhancements to buildings which go beyond this.


It is unclear what form of assistance would be made available and whether this would be in the form of grant or the lifting of Housing Revenue Account Debt Caps for individual authorities.


We would like to hear from any member council that is unable to fund any necessary fire safety works arising as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire and particularly so if any member council has made an application to government for financial assistance - please contact John Bibby (  


Read the Secretary of State's letter.

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