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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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DCLG to speak at our next Regional Event - 21 July, London 09/06/2016

The next ARCH Regional Event will be held in London on Thursday 21 July.


The HRA self-financing settlement of 2012 heralded a renaissance in council house building. In the Queen's Speech on 18 May 2016 the government re-affirmed its intent to support aspiration and promote home ownership through its commitment to build a million new homes - but faced with mandatory rent reductions over the next four years, the introduction of the RTB levy and sale of higher value stock, what role can municipal housing play in contributing to the government's target of a million new homes?


With the Housing and Planning Act now on the statute books, DCLG officials are working on the necessary Regulations and Guidance. At the same time, recognising the restraints placed on building inside the HRA, many stock retained councils are considering setting up Local Housing Companies to build "outside the HRA" and those councils with ALMOs are looking to see what role ALMOs could play in increasing housing supply to meet local housing needs. 

This event, run in conjunction with the NFA (National Federation of ALMOs), will hear first-hand from senior DCLG officials on the next steps and timetable for introduction of Part 4 of the Housing and Planning Act and will examine the role that Local Housing Companies can play in meeting housing demand.


ARCH members will:


  • Hear the latest from DCLG on the timetable and drafting of Regulations and Guidance on the sale of higher value voids, pay to stay and ending of lifetime tenancies
  • Hear what Ministers will expect in reaching agreements under Section 74 of the Housing and Planning Act for retention of part of the RTB levy to fund new affordable homes as replacements for higher value housing sold
  • Consider the impact of the Housing and Planning Act on the future council house building programme
  • Hear from key players on establishing Local Housing Companies and consider the government's latest thinking on the role such companies
  • Consider some of the legal issues in setting up local housing companies
  • Learn from the experiences of those councils who have set up a local housing company to build "outside the HRA".


Rebecca Shrubsole, Head of Higher Value Assets and HRA at the DCLG, will provide delegates with the latest information from the government on the drafting of Regulations and Guidance under Part 4 of the Act. Ian Doolittle, Partner at Trowers & Hamlin, will outline some of the legal issues to consider in setting up local housing companies.


The final programme will be available soon. Places are limited and ARCH members are entitled to two free places on a first come basis.


Book now/more information.

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