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EHS report into the social rented sector 19/07/2018 Labelled as Rent, Scrutiny

The English Housing Survey (EHS) has produced a report of its latest survey focusing on the social rented sector.


The EHS is a national survey of people's housing circumstances and the condition and energy of housing in England. The EHC has produced a report of its latest survey findings on the social rented sector, the main findings were:


  • The social rented sector is now the smallest tenure in England, home to 3.9million households - 17% of all households.
  • The composition of the social rented sector has changed in recent years with more households (2.4million) renting from housing associations than local authorities ((1.6million)
  • The sector houses more vulnerable people than other sectors - 50% of households in social rented housing have a long term illness or disability and 75% of households were in the lowest two income brackets.
  • Over the last decade the proportion of those renting social housing has increased and 43% of households were working.
  • Overcrowding is more prevalent in the social rented sector and has increased in the last 20 years but under-occupation is less prevalent and has decreased.
  • Most social renters are satisfied with their accommodation and the way their landlord carries out repairs.  However levels of satisfaction with repairs are generally lower than in the private rented sector (66% compared to 72%)
  • While social renters spend a lower proportion of their income on rent than private renters, they are more likely to be in arrears. In 2016/17 25% of social housing tenants were either currently in arrears or had been in arrears in the last year - up from 14% in 1996/97.
  • The proportion of social renters who expect to buy at some point in the future has continued to increase - up from 27% to 30% between 2015/16 and 2016/17.


Read the full report "English Housing Survey: Social Rented Sector 2016 - 17"

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