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Evaluation of the impact of the removal of the Spare Room Subsidy 07/01/2016

The DWP has published findings of an evaluation of the removal of the Spare Room Subsidy, commonly known as the Bedroom Tax. The evaluation was undertaken by IPSOS Mori and the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning.


The policy was brought in on 1 April 2013 and entails a reduction in Housing Benefit entitlement for working age council and housing association tenants whose properties are deemed to have more bedrooms than needed.


Those deemed to have "Spare Rooms" have their rent eligible for Housing Benefit reduced by:


  • 14% if they are deemed to have one spare room;
  • 25% if they are deemed to have two or more spare rooms


DWP Housing Benefit Data show that in May 2013, 547,000 households were affected by the Spare Room Subsidy (11.6% of all social tenancies). By November 2014 the number had fallen to 465,000 households - a reduction of 14.2% in the first 18 months of the policy.


However most local authorities and social landlords reported that large numbers of households were unable to move because of the shortage of smaller homes and some claimants said they had not registered for a move because they were aware of the shortage of such homes.


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