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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Fair Press for Tenants 14/09/2017 Labelled as Tenants

ARCH Tenants Group representatives Martyn Lund (Kettering), David Bown (South Derbyshire) and Mick Daniels (Sheffield) attended the launch of "Fair Press for Tenants" at Media City UK on 14 September.


"Fair Press for Tenants" is a guide to reporting social housing. The guide has been produced by people living in social housing to help journalists and other media workers to report fairly and end social housing stereo types.  Launched as part of the Benefit to Society Campaign supported by ARCH, the booklet sets out a short history and series of facts about social housing and how tenants feel about how they are currently represented in the media, how this makes them feel and their ideas on how the media could better report on social housing in a much fairer and balanced way.


Over 400 tenants took the time to contribute to the guide and ARCH Tenants Group representatives, David Bown, Martyn Lund and Mavis Vines (East Riding) formed part of the tenant editorial team.


We will shortly be distributing copies of the guide to press teams in each of the ARCH member councils asking them to pass on copies of the guide to their local media contacts.


More information about the campaign can be found on the Benefit to Society website.


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