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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Fixed term tenancy Regulations expected Spring 19/01/2017

DCLG officials have told ARCH that Regulations and Guidance on the introduction of Fixed Term tenancies is expected in the Spring but no more news as yet on introduction of the High Value Asset Levy from April 2018.


Following the Government's decision to abandon plans for introduction of a mandatory Pay to Stay Scheme and the decision to delay introduction of a High Value Asset (HVA) Levy until after April 2018 ARCH has been pressing DCLG for more information on the timetable for introduction of Fixed Term Tenancies under Part 4 of the Housing & Planning Act 2016.


The very latest information we have from DCLG officials is that although DCLG can't give a very firm indication they are hoping that they will be able to consult on the Regulations and Guidance on Fixed Term Tenancies and Spring seems likely.  DCLG have promised to inform ARCH when there's anything more definite to say.


On the introduction of the HVA Levy and sale of higher value council housing DCLG officials have informed ARCH that there is nothing more to report at this stage following Minister's decision not to press ahead with the introduction of the HVA Levy in 2017/18.  ARCH CEO John Bibby will be meeting NHF Chief Executive David Orr next month and it is hoped to have some clarity on the plans to extend the housing association Right to Buy Pilot announced by the Housing Minister alongside the decision to suspend the introduction of the HVA Levy.


Following the Government's decision not to press ahead with introduction of a mandatory Pay to Stay Scheme, any council considering introduction of a discretionary Pay to Stay Scheme may be interested to learn that the Government have no plans to revise the current guidance on the introduction of such discretionary schemes as set out in Chapter 4 of the Government's Guidance on Rents for Social Housing published in May 2014. 


In response to a query from ARCH, DCLG officials confirmed that the policy as set out in the 2014 Guidance will continue to apply - despite plans to introduce a mandatory Pay to Stay Scheme based on lower income thresholds of £31,000 (£40,000 in London), the threshold for any discretionary scheme will be the £60,000 as detailed in the original policy for both local authorities and housing associations. 


ARCH has been advised that DCLG is not intending to develop any further guidance on the introduction or operation of a discretionary Pay to Stay Scheme and it will be down to the discretion of any local authority intending to introduce such a scheme to put in place a framework to implement the policy in line with the Guidance on Social Rents. Local authorities will need to enter into a contractual arrangements to enforce the policy.


ARCH would be interested to know if any Council is currently operating a discretionary Pay to Stay policy or is considering doing so. 

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