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Government champions innovation in building homes 26/04/2018 Labelled as Development

Ministers have called on industry to embrace the latest innovations to make sure we are building the good quality homes that the country needs.


At a Design Quality Conference with the construction industry held on 25 April to promote quality design to help deliver new homes, Ministers called for closer links between government and industry to deliver well-designed homes.


Action to boost innovative approaches for well-designed new homes highlighted by Minister's included:


£1 billion investment through the Home Building Fund to develop new, modern approaches to design and construction

To date, 8 projects across 11 local authorities, backed by government funding, will use modern methods of construction such as modular homes to build good quality homes, using the latest techniques, whilst helping to speed up housing delivery.


Learning from other countries like Australia, Norway and Sweden where good design is embedded in decision making

For example, based on an Australian model, the government will urge councils to set their own design quality standards, giving communities the ability to better reflect their own unique character in local planning policy.


Embracing new technologies

For example using Virtual Reality (VR) technology to win the confidence of communities before a single brick is laid. By visualising proposed new housing from the neighbour or homebuyer's perspective, communities will be able to see how development can visually contribute to the area from an early stage, even before planning permission has been granted.


Read Housing Minister, Dominic Raab's speech to the Design Quality Conference.

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