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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Government issues safety advice on spandrel panels, window panels and infill panels 25/10/2018 Labelled as Scrutiny

The Government has issued an Advice Note for building owners, their professional advisers, and fire and rescue services, regarding spandrel panels/window panels/infill panels on external walls.


Although written for those responsible for the safety of residents of high-rise (over 18 metres) residential blocks of flats, the principles of this guidance may, in certain circumstances, be applied to other premises.


The Advice Note makes it clear that building owners should check materials used in spandrel panels (including window panels and infill panels) to ensure they do not present a risk of fire spread.


The Advice Note goes on to recommend that for buildings over 18 metres, the clearest way to ensure such panels do not present a risk of fire is to confirm that the materials used are of "limited combustibility", or better and where they do not meet this classification to remove and replace them.


Read the full Advice Note

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