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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Government launch £7.5 million fund for digital innovation 27/09/2018

The Government are inviting bids to the £7.5 million Local Digital Fund from Councils seeking to transform their public services through digital innovation.


Grants of up to £100,000 will be available for projects which demonstrate they benefit local public services and have the potential to be rolled out more widely across the country.


The opening of this £7.5 million fund comes after the government made a "digital pledge" with the launch of a Local Digital Declaration in July. The declaration aims to connect the work of local government digital teams to deliver better local public services.


Councils and central government departments in England are eligible to submit an expression of interest, whether individually or in partnership with other local authorities. All bids will need to demonstrate input from at least two local authorities.


The bidding is not open to non-public sector organisations but there are no restrictions on commissioning a private company to help deliver the project.


The deadline to submit an expression of interest is 5 October 2018. A decision on which projects have been chosen is expected to be announced by 3 December.


A blog about the fund's opening is also available

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