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Government to provide extra £14.7 million for Homeless Reduction Act 24/10/2017 Labelled as Consultation, Finance, Legislation

The government is consulting on draft guidance to councils on implementing the Homelessness Reduction Act and announced and extra £14.7million to aid implementation of the Act.


The Act comes into force in April 2018 and requires councils to provide assistance and support to anyone at risk of becoming homeless.


Of the new funding, £11.7m will be added to the amount available for local authorities facing new burdens under the Act, bringing the total allocated by government up to £72.7m over two years. The remaining £3m will support local authorities in upgrading their data systems to take into account the new requirements. This additional funding will be shared among local authorities over 2 years to meet the requirements of the Act. Find out how much of this new money your local authority has been allocated.


The proposed guidance is subject to an eight-week consultation period and councils are encouraged to give their views on the best ways to make information about homelessness available to all, to tailor advice to fit the needs of vulnerable groups, to work together with homeless people, to provide help to those who might be considered 'intentionally homeless' and to secure accommodation for people who are homeless.


The guidance includes advice to councils on how to form a new homelessness strategy as required under the act. It advises local authorities to collaborate across boundaries and, on occasion, produce sub-regional homelessness strategies. It also covers issues relating to homeless survivors of domestic abuse, how to determine which homeless people are in 'priority need' and how to deal with people leaving care facilities.


The 8-week consultation closes on 11 December 2017.


The government is also continuing to fund free training for local authority staff on the Homelessness Reduction Act up until April 2018 through the National Housing Advisory Service - a partnership between Shelter and Citizens Advice.


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