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Homelessness Reduction Bill passed to Lords 02/02/2017

Following its third reading in the House of Commons, the bill has now passed to the House of Lords for further scrutiny and had its first reading on 30 January.


The second reading, the general debate on the detail of the Bill in the House of Lords, is scheduled to commence on Friday 24 February 2017.


A number of significant changes were made to the Bill at report and third reading stages in the Commons which will significantly increase duties and responsibilities on local authorities. Most notably, an amendment was made to clause 1 to define the meaning of anyone "threatened with homelessness" so that it applies to anyone likely to become homeless within 56 days (the current provision is 28 days).


During the debate the minister, Marcus Jones, said that the amendments agreed are estimated to increase the cost of the Bill by £13 million over the course of the spending review period. That increases the total new burdens cost of the Bill from the previously announced £48 to £61 million. The minister confirmed that the government will meet those costs.


During the debate, he also announced that the final new burdens assessment will be published once the distribution formula for the funding is complete, and when the Bill has completed its passage through the House. It was confirmed that the government will work with local authorities and the Local Government Association to develop a fair distribution model for the funding.


Download our briefing paper summarising the latest position on the Bill.

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