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Housing Supply up 11% 24/11/2016

Latest figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) show a net addition of 189,650 dwellings to the housing stock in England in 2015/16 (Up 11% on 2014/15).


The figures released on 15 November show that the net increase in the housing stock in England breaks down as follows: 


  • 163,940 new housebuilding completions
  • 4,760 gains through conversions (e.g. houses into flats)
  • 30,600 gains through change of use (e.g. shop into a house)
  • 780 gains as a result of other changes (e.g. caravans, houseboat etc.)
  • Demolitions resulted in a loss of 10,420 dwellings.


The increase in housing supply still falls short of the 250,000 to 300,000 new dwellings most housing commentators say are needed each year.


Net additional dwellings reached a recent peak of 223,530 in 2007/08 and then decreased to 124,720 in 2012/13. Since then net additions have increased to 189,650 in 2015/16 but this is still 15% below the 2007/08 peak.


Underlying statistics on affordable housing supply show that included in these figures only some 23,100 additional social and affordable rented homes were provided in 2015/16 and the provision of social rented homes has fallen each year from a recent high of 39,650 in 2010/11 to 6,550 in 2015/16.


ARCH chief executive, John Bibby, comments:


"These figures are encouraging in terms of the overall upward trend in housing supply but still fall way short of what is needed to address the housing needs of the country. More worrying is the very low level of additional social rented homes and it is to be hoped the expected Government Housing White Paper will address the need for a significant increase in housing supply of all tenures and particularly social and affordable rented homes."    

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