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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Housing White Paper examined 17/02/2017

In a special bulletin to ARCH members on 10 February we reported on the publication of the government's Housing White Paper and their promise of "Backing Local Authorities to Build".


Now that the dust is beginning to settle and the media frenzy around the headlines in the White Paper has subsided, we can now get down in earnest to examine what the White Paper will mean in practice for council housing in this new age of 'Fixing our broken housing market':


  • What exactly do the government mean when they say they are "backing local authorities to build"?
  • What will rent policy look like post 2020?
  • Is the government's encouragement of Local Housing Companies undermined by their desire to see tenants of housing provided by such companies given a right to buy?
  • While the Paper recognises that council housebuilding continues to provide a small but important and growing source of new, what do the government really mean when they promise to "work with local authorities to understand all the options for increasing the supply of affordable housing"?
  • The government say they "are interested in the scope for bespoke deals with authorities in high demand areas which have genuine ambition to build", however, what will this mean in practice for those constrained by the HRA Debt Cap and he prospects of the high value asset levy?
  • How can local authorities influence the type and tenure of housing provided by associations in their area?


In our first event of 2017, we'll be examining all these questions and much more. Places are limited but ARCH members are entitled to two free places on a first come, first served basis as part of their membership.


Book now.


The ARCH Executive Board and ARCH Tenant Group will be considering a formal response to the White Paper and we look forward to hearing first-hand what our members have to say about the White Paper and what opportunities it presents for stock retained councils. 


In any event, ARCH Chief Executive John Bibby, would welcome discussions with any ARCH member council with any further ideas or initiatives that you think the wider sector could benefit from in the light of this White Paper. 


Please email  or call him on 07511 820750.


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