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Is your council ready for pay to stay? 07/07/2016

We believe the timetable for introduction of pay to stay is too tight and that there is a case for delaying implementation.


We'd like to hear from councils who have concerns about any difficulties to implement pay to stay  by April 2017.


We have consistently argued and continue to believe that the implementation of mandatory higher rents for tenants whose household income is determined as "high income", should be voluntary for councils as it will be for housing associations, and that councils should retain any additional income generated to reinvest in new and existing housing.


Minister's confirmed in debate on the Housing and Planning Act that any rent increases are expected to apply to tenants with taxable household incomes over £31,000; with a tapered rent increase of 15p for every £1 earned above the threshold each week. Although the Act is now in place we're still waiting for the detailed Regulations, however, civil servants are expecting councils to implement the scheme from April 2017.


We outlined the proposed timetable in our bulletin of 27 May. Five weeks later, councils are still waiting for the details. 


John Bibby, Chief Executive and Matthew Warburton, Policy Adviser met with senior DCLG officials responsible for implementing pay to stay in June. We believe we've made a strong case for implementation of pay to stay to be delayed (at a minimum), however HM Treasury will need convincing.


In response to this, we're looking for evidence from our members around the difficulties in meeting the April 2017 implementation date. This could include implementing IT changes, recruiting staff, collecting income data from tenants and members of their household, assessing market rents and calculating tapers.


John Bibby is due to meet DCLG officials again in September and if your authority shares these concerns, we'd be interested to hear from you.


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