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Key Risks and Challenges facing the Social Housing Sector 24/11/2023 Labelled as Finance

The regulator of Social Housing has published its annual assessment of the key risks and challenges facing the social housing sector. The RSH's Sector Risk Profile shows that providers are grappling with a range of significant external pressures, including high inflation, higher borrowing costs, difficulties in accessing skilled labour and a declining housing market which threatens to dampen income from development sales. These headwinds continue to weaken the sector's financial capacity and put pressure on providers' business plans. Against this very challenging backdrop, the sector is making record investment in existing homes to meet quality and building safety commitments, as well as building much-needed new homes. Providers are also working towards longer-term net zero targets by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.


Although the risk assessment is primarily focused on housing associations, most of the key challenges identified in RSH's report are also relevant to leading councillors and at local authorities which own and manage homes.

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