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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Lincoln host reciprocal visit from Rotherham tenant representatives 21/06/2017

One of the advantages of ARCH membership and participation in the ARCH Tenants' Group is the opportunity to network with other councils: to learn what other councils are doing and to share best practice to help improve the services that councils provide to their tenants and residents.

Earlier this year, tenant representatives from Lincoln visited colleague tenant representatives in Rotherham to talk about how they could learn from each other and on 7 June Lincoln reciprocated and hosted a visit from Rotherham's Asim Munir, Tenant Involvement Co-ordinator and Stella Parkin, ARCH Tenant Group Representative who attended a meeting of the Lincoln Tenants Panel to see how tenant scrutiny operates in Lincoln.

Asim and Stella met Lincoln Tenant Group members:

  • Eric Jenkinson - Chair
  • Debbie Rousseau - Vice Chair
  • Brian Botham
  • Sharron Elsom
  • John Ranshaw - ARCH Representative
  • Sheila Watkinson
  • Christine Lamming
  • Mick Barber
  • Kathleen Hill and Karen Talbot - Assistant Director of Housing for the City of Lincoln Council. Karen Talbot attended to present the Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee reports and the Landlord Services Performance reports.


Other items on the agenda included Feedback from the Executive Committee, ARCH update, and feedback from Estate Inspections and The Annual Report to Tenants.



Lunch was provided and the event was a great success, enabling some networking to take place and giving Rotherham the opportunity to see how other areas conduct their meetings.


If tenant representatives from other ARCH member councils would be interested in arranging such exchange visits, please email us at and we will endeavour to arrange.


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