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Ministerial team gives no indication on timetable for Regulations 11/11/2016

The Ministerial team at DCLG gave no further indication of the timetable for publication of regulations under the Housing and Planning Act when interviewed by the CLG Select Committee on the work of the Department.


However, promises were made that local authorities would be given "quite a notice period" before being required to pay the High Value Asset Levy.


Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, together with Housing Minister Gavin Barwell and the Ministerial team were interviewed on 8 November by the CLG Select Committee on the work of the Department.


In answer to questions about the extension of Right to Buy (RTB) to housing association tenants under the voluntary RTB deal and progress of the Pilot Scheme, Ministers said they were still committed to the policy but that there were still issues of detail arising out of the pilots. Ministers' couldn't say when the outcome of the Pilot Scheme would be published but that the intention was to have the policy "fully in place by the end of this Parliament".


When pressed on when stock retained councils could expect to learn how the proposed high-value asset levy would impact on their housing budgets and whether they would be expected to plan for payment of the levy in their budgets from April 2017 Ministers said there was no decision as yet on the timing but that councils could expect "quite a notice period" before they will be required to pay the Levy given the need to consult local authorities on the Determination and the significant process in taking the relevant Regulations through the Affirmative Process in Parliament.


Similarly Ministers' gave no indication on the timetable for introduction of the mandatory Pay to Stay Scheme for council tenants except to say that Ministers were "still committed" to the policy but that there are "still factors to work out before we implement".



Questioned on the government's ambition to deliver 1million new homes by the end of this Parliament, Ministers said they expected round 1/3 of these homes to be affordable homes but would not be drawn on how many might be social or affordable rented homes other than a commitment that the Ministerial team "recognise that social housing is an important mix of the housing we want to provide".


See the Ministers' responses to questions from the CLG Select Committee

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