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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

New CEO and improved member services 18/02/2015

Last year the ARCH Executive Board commissioned ARP Research to conduct an independent survey of ARCH member authorities to help better understand members needs and inform the future direction and development of the Association. The findings of the member survey could be summarised as follows:


  • ARCH should evolve and change to reflect the current operating landscape


  • ARCH should re-establish and communicate a clear sense of purpose


  • ARCH should use its uniqueness as the only organisation representing stock retained councils and their tenants to differentiate and improve its member services whilst at the same time emphasising the bigger picture across all its lobbying


  • ARCH should improve its operations to maximise resources to develop its member offer and attract new and retain existing members


  • ARCH should develop a clear image and implement a well thought out marketing plan


  • ARCH should review its structure to ensure that elected members and tenants are fully engaged and ensure the organisation is inclusive


  • ARCH should improve communication with its members


A full copy of the Executive Summary of the member survey is available on the members area of the ARCH website (Click here to access a copy). 




In response to the findings of the member survey the ARCH Executive Board set up a Working Group to address the issues raised by members and the ARCH Executive Board met on 19 January 2015 to consider a series of recommendations made by the Working Group. 


The ARCH Executive Board has taken immediate steps to improve member services in response to the findings of the ARCH member survey including:


  • The commissioning of a refresh of the organisation's vision and purpose


  • Preparation of a new 3 year Business Plan to take the organisation forward


  • Immediate replacement of the quarterly ARCH newsletter and ARCH blog with a regular e-bulletin targeted at individuals within ARCH member authorities


  • A commitment to deliver 4 regional seminars during 2015 to give ARCH members further opportunity to engage with the organisation


  • A review of the role of the ARCH Spokesperson/Policy Adviser role and appointment of a CEO/Managing Director to assist the Board in delivering its strategic objectives, raising the profile of ARCH and improving member services


Action to date


Action has already been taken to introduce a regular ARCH e-bulletin for members to keep them informed of the latest housing developments at national level as well as keeping up to date with what's happening in ARCH.  We will also be organising a series of regional seminars during 2015 building on the successful regional seminar organised in the East Midlands last year. It is likely that we will look to organise such seminars in the period after the general election to consider and examine the incoming government's housing policies  - watch out for further announcements on dates and venues in the coming weeks.


The Executive Board has also strengthened its management team and John Bibby has been appointed ARCH CEO to work on a part-time basis to assist the Board in delivering its strategic objectives, raising the profile of ARCH and improving member services. John has over 40 years' housing experience and previously held the post of Director of Housing & Community Services at the City of Lincoln Council - In the next edition of the ARCH e-bulletin John will set out his views on the future of ARCH and how he and the ARCH Executive see his new role in developing the future direction for ARCH.

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