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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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New report on the impact of energy efficiency 07/07/2016

Research carried out by Sustainable Homes and 25 housing providers examined data on over 500,000 homes. It looked at the impact of energy efficient homes on the bottom lines of social landlords.


The Sustainable Homes study, "Touching the voids", found that:


  • There is a correlation between the energy efficiency of homes and the number of void days. As homes become more energy efficient they are void for a shorter length of time - on average, 31% shorter for band B properties compared to those in bands E and F.
  • Landlords with more energy efficient stock spend less on refurbishing void homes, less on repairs and less on staff time to manage voids.
  • The highest performing band A properties spent 30% less time in arrears compared with the worst performing homes. Colder homes, especially those in band F, have on average two weeks more rent arrears than more energy efficient bands each year.
  • Other cost savings identified include time spent seeking overdue rent payment, legal costs and court costs which decline by around 35% for more energy efficient homes.


The boost to landlords' bottom lines from more energy efficient homes could be significant - with potential for a 10,000 home provider to save over £2.4 million if they upgraded their stock from an average SAP 65 to SAP 75.


Read the full report.

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