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New research shows 340,000 homes needed each year 23/05/2018 Labelled as Development

New research has been published by the National Housing Federation and Crisis, the national charity for homeless people which demonstrates a need for the country to build 340,000 homes per year including 90,000 social rented homes.


The research, conducted by Heriot-Watt University, shows that England's total housing need backlog has reached four million homes


To both meet this backlog and provide for future demand, the country needs to build 340,000 homes per year until 2031. This is significantly higher than current estimates (including the Government's target of 300,000 homes annually).


The research highlights that simply building a total of 340,000 homes each year will not meet this need - they will need to be the right type of homes. 145,000 of these new homes must be affordable homes, compared to previous estimates of the annual affordable housing need of around 78,000.


The new research also goes further than previous studies, breaking down exactly what type of affordable homes are needed:


  • 90,000 should be for social rent
  • 30,000 should be for intermediate affordable rent
  • 25,000 should be for shared ownership


Commenting in response to the findings, ARCH Chief Executive John Bibby said:


"Stock retained councils must be allowed to build many of the social rented homes the country needs and if the Government are serious in their claim that they want to provide a new generation of council housing then the Government must re-instate the principles of the Self-financing Settlement introduced with all party support under the Localism Act 2011 and remove the borrowing cap on council Housing Revenue Accounts to enable them to borrow prudentially against their housing assets and future rental income."


"Only then will councils be able to play their part, alongside housing associations, in providing the 90,000 new social rented homes that this report identifies as being needed each year."

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