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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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News from the ARCH Tenant Group 09/11/2017 Labelled as Tenants

The latest meeting of the ARCH Tenants Group took place on 6 November with a packed agenda and lots of discussion with ARCH Chief Executive John Bibby on the latest government policy announcements and progress on developing a National Tenants Voice with guest speaker Nic Bliss from the National Tenants Organisations (NTO).


Nic Bliss updated the Tenants Group on NTO discussions with the Housing Minister following the Grenfell Tower fire and their involvement in setting up the ongoing series of Resident Engagement Meetings being organised across the country with the Minister to which a number of members of the ARCH Tenants Group had been invited.  The ARCH Tenant Group has been invited to send a representative to sit on a steering group with representatives from the NTO to examine the possibility of re-establishing a National Tenant Voice or equivalent.


The Tenants Group also considered feedback received from delegates attending the recent ARCH Tenants Conference held in Birmingham which was very well received by those attending the event with some excellent feedback on the programme content and overall organisation.  Photographs from the Tenant Conference are now available. Where you there? Can you spot yourself in the photo?


Look out for the minutes of the meeting which will be posted to the website once ready. 


If you are interested in the work of ARCH Tenants Group then check out their work here.


The Group also received an update on the Benefit to Society Campaign and also paid tribute and said a fond farewell to Carole Halfacre who has been the Tenant Group Facilitator for the last 6 years and was attending her last Tenant Group meeting before moving on to pastures new next month.  We all wish her well for the future.

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  • Mick Daniels, Sheffield CC - 10 November 2017

    Scary photos