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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Nominations to ARCH Tenants Group 22/04/2015 Labelled as Tenants

Every two years, ARCH invite members to nominate a tenant to join the ARCH Tenants Group. All the information that you need to make your nomination is attached here. Nominations must be submitted by Friday 15 May 2015.


Information about the ARCH Tenants Group can be found here.


Why is the ARCH Tenants Group important?


  • The ARCH Tenants' Group is the only local authority-specific tenants' group representing the interest of tenants from council housing on a national level.


  • Two members of the Group (Chair and Vice Chair) have director status on the ARCH executive board so they have influence at a high decision making level.


Benefits to your organisation of representation on the ARCH Tenants' Group


  • Higher profile on a national body which has influence in the sector.


  • Opportunity for your involved tenants to develop at a national level and bring that learning back to your organisation.


More information about ARCH and the Tenants' Group achievements can be found on this website and in the nomination document attached.


If you have any queries about the process, please contact the ARCH Tenants Group Facilitator or call Carole on 07505 305 243.

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