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Only 5,380 social rented homes delivered in 2016/17 09/11/2017 Labelled as Development, Legislation

Latest figures from DCLG (Department of Communities & Local Government) show that 41,530 affordable homes were delivered in England in 2016-17 but only 5,380 were for social rent. The number of social rented homes delivered was the lowest since 2010-11 when some 39,560 social rented homes were provided. The 41,530 affordable homes delivered in England 2016-17 was 27% higher than the previous year and comprised:


  • 24,350 affordable rented homes
  • 11,810 "intermediate" affordable housing &
  • 5,380 social rented homes


The 11,810 intermediate affordable housing comprised:


  • 8,810 shared ownership homes
  • 2,060 for affordable home ownership, &
  • 940 intermediate rented homes.


The majority (92%) of the new affordable homes provided were new build homes with 7% from providers acquiring existing private housing stock.


There were 49,420 affordable housing starts on site in 2016-17.


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ARCH Chief Executive John Bibby comments:


"The huge decline in the numbers of new social rented housing provided since 2010 is concerning and ARCH welcomes the recent announcement of an additional £2bn in the Affordable Housing Programme for the provision of social rented housing. This is a step in the right direction but it is estimated will only provide around 5,000 social rented homes per year over the next 5 years.


More social rented housing needs to be provided if we are to provide rented housing that is genuinely affordable for those most in need and at the same time reduce the housing benefit bill. Stock retained councils can play an important part in providing more social rented housing if the government keeps its promise to "back local authorities to build" as set out in the Housing White Paper and ARCH has set out a number of key asks of government in a joint paper with the National Federation of Almos (NFA) that would enable councils to deliver more social rented housing."

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