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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Plan to end homelessness – have your say 17/08/2017 Labelled as Consultation

As part of its 50th anniversary year, Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, is developing a plan to end homelessness in Britain and is running a major consultation to gather the evidence and opinions of those who know homelessness and related issues best.


In order to do this, they are running a major consultation across Britain to gather the evidence and opinions of those who know homelessness and related issues best.


A call for written evidence is one element of a wider consultation which will also include workshops and seminars to explore the problems and a range of solutions in more detail. The consultation addresses three key questions:


  • How can people be prevented from becoming homeless in the first place?


  • How can we design more effective rapid responses for people who have become homeless?


  • How can we create permanent solutions for people who need some form of ongoing support?


ARCH is encouraging its members to respond


You can respond to the call for written evidence via an on-line survey.


The survey has been divided into key areas: mainstream housing; homelessness accommodation; rough sleeping; housing options and advice services; employment; health; education; social services; justice; and benefits and Universal Credit.


Respondents are asked to complete the sections which are most relevant to their work and experience. There is no requirement to complete all the sections. Crisis are really keen to gather as much evidence as possible on interventions that can help end homelessness, so please include any information evidencing their effectiveness.


In addition to completing the questionnaire, if there are any further documents that you want to submit for consideration (case studies, evaluations, reports, personal testimonies or suggested ideas for change) please email these to


Information collected as part of this survey will be used to help Crisis develop the plan to end homelessness, which will launch in spring 2018. Crisis will seek to include ideas and solutions which are supported by a strong evidence base and align with Crisis' core values in working to end homelessness.


The survey will close on 18th October.


In the coming months, Crisis will be running a serious of workshops across the country on a number of issues relating to homelessness. The dates and locations of these events will be published on the consultation page on the Crisis website shortly.  If you would like more information about these events, or wish to register your interest, please get in touch with Disha Bhatt (

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