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PM announces £2bn future funding for housing associations 27/09/2018

Speaking to the National Housing Federation conference on 17 September Prime Minister Teresa May announced that the government will provide £2bn for strategic partnerships with housing associations but it is understood the money will not be available until 2022/23 at the earliest.


Little detail has been released but the Prime Minister said that under the scheme, housing associations will be able to apply for funding stretching as far ahead as 2028/29. It is expected that further detail will be announced in the forthcoming Autumn Budget


The Prime Minister's announcement follows statements in the Social Housing Green Paper that the government "want to give housing associations and others the certainty they require to develop ambitious plans to deliver the affordable homes this country so desperately needs" and "will actively investigate the benefits of going further by providing funding certainty to some housing associations over an even longer period".


Read the full text of the Prime Minister's speech

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