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RSH 2022 data collection for local authorities 17/03/2022 Labelled as Regulation

The Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) has written to local authority chief executives to confirm arrangements for the collection of the Local Authority Data Return (LADR) in 2022.


The LADR, collects information on social housing stock and rents and was first collected in 2020 to allow the RSH to regulate councils' compliance with the Rent Standard and is collected annually from all local authorities registered with the RSH.


In 2022 the LADR survey will be open for submission between 1 April 2022 and 15 July 2022. Guidance on completing the LADR will be made available on the NROSH+ website on or shortly before it opens (NROSH+ is the data collection system and website, through which the regulator collects regulatory data and information from Registered Providers). Local authorities are asked to ensure that guidance materials are reviewed before the completion of the LADR, and that stock is correctly categorised and recorded accurately according to the latest applicable legislation and that returns are submitted as early as possible within the survey period.


The RSH recommend that councils should review their 2021 submission using the 'View Previous Survey' facility on the NROSH+ system. The RSH may contact councils regarding changes in stock totals; the number of units excepted from the rent standard; and changes in rent figures which are outside of expected ranges.

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