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Showcase positive stories with the BBC 03/02/2017

All too often the media and others portray council tenants and housing in a negative light. ARCH is always keen to tackle the unfair and unhelpful stereotyping of social housing tenants.


ARCH has been contacted by the producers of a BBC television programme who say they're keen to talk to people who live in council housing and have positive stories to tell - sympathetic stories of people whose lives have been transformed by being given a council home and tenants who are really happy with where they're living. They may be people who have just moved in, or they may have lived in their home for some time now, young or old, single people or families.


Council housing has been part of the fabric of our society for generations, and the producers say they're keen to find positive stories surrounding this precious resource, that illustrate how important it is to our communities across the country, and how it provides secure homes for so many people.


This is for a BBC1 series called Council House Crackdown which also looks at the work of councils and housing associations as they deal with tenancy fraud and free up homes for people on the waiting list. In the latest series the producers say they want to put this work in context by showing the increasing importance of social housing in people's lives - particularly at a time when there is not enough housing to meet people's needs.


The producers of the programme would be very happy to talk to any interested ARCH members and are willing to provide more information to anyone interested in taking part. Please contact producer Kyra Beguiristain on 0207 483 6679 or e-mail on

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