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Tenants invited to comment on future of social housing 19/01/2018 Labelled as Consultation, Legislation, Tenants

The government have published an on-line feedback questionnaire to offer an opportunity for all council, housing association and housing co-op tenants to express their views on key issues and concerns related to social housing.


As announced by the Prime Minister on 15 August, the previous Housing and Planning Minister Alok Sharma had been holding events and workshops across the country to meet and hear from council, housing association and housing co-op tenants directly, to help build up a clear picture of the immediate issues that tenants living in social housing face, and to identify any common concerns that can inform the promised Social Housing Green Paper.


The government have so far identified a series of headline issues, which include:


  • managing complaints and redress routes
  • social tenants' voices being heard
  • ensuring good and consistent quality services from landlords
  • safety of tenants 


Following the changes in Government the newly appointed Housing and Planning Minister Dominic Raab MP will continue to take this work forward. Over 12 Resident Engagement events have been organised across England to enable the Housing Minister to meet face to face with tenants and residents and the Minister is keen to extend the opportunity to other tenants to engage in this conversation more widely.

Council, housing association and housing co-op tenants are now being given an opportunity to express their views on key issues and concerns related to social housing via an on-line government feedback questionnaire.


Click here to complete the government's feedback questionnaire.

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