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The rising cost of living and 2023 rent increase 08/07/2022 Labelled as Finance, Tenants

ARCH, together with the National Federation of ALMOs and Councils with ALMOs Group, has written to DLUHC to express concern about the impact of the sharp increase in the cost of living on tenants' budgets and the dilemma facing councils in deciding on 2023 rent increases. With the Consumer Price Index expected to show inflation over 10 per cent by October, councils would, in theory, be expected to raise rents by more than 11 per cent next April. 

This would impose an impossible burden on many tenants, yet failure to increase rents by this amount may leave councils unable to meet the full cost of essential works to ensure the safety and decency of tenants' homes and continue to improve their energy efficiency to help reduce fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions. The letter asks for an urgent discussion on the problem and potential responses.


ARCH has also commissioned a major research project to assess the scale of the expenditure required on local authority housing over the next ten years and the income likely to be available to finance it from council rents and other sources. The research has been jointly commissioned with the LGA and the National Federation of ALMOs and is due for publication early in the Autumn.  

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