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The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


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Right to Buy and Pay to Stay update Matthew Warburton - 15/08/2013

hands_house_300This year's Budget statement included a proposal to reduce the qualifying period for the Right to Buy from 5 to 3 years. This will require an amendment to primary legislation, which has been included in a draft Deregulation Bill published last month. The Bill committee has issued a call for evidence with a deadline for responses of 16 September.

ARCH will be considering whether to submit evidence and if so, what it should cover, since the terms of reference (available here) allow for discussion of a wider range of reforms to the Right to Buy than simply amendment of the qualifying period.

The LGA has indicated that it plans to use the opportunity to argue for the changes to the right to buy detailed in its spending round submission. These include:


  • Giving councils the power to set discounts locally, to strike the best local balance between incentivising sales and maximising receipts for reinvestment.


  • Extending the cost floor from 15 to 25 years to ensure that councils building new homes are protected from selling them at a loss.


  • Allowing councils to reinvest 100% of receipts in new housing, and giving them more flexibility in how they can be used.


ARCH members are asked to comment on how ARCH should respond, either by posting a comment in the members area of the website or by email to me.

However, the Government's summary of consultation responses and announcement of next steps on Pay to Stay makes it clear that it has not yet found Parliamentary time to introduce a requirement on high-earning tenants to declare their income, which is generally regarded as the essential underpinning for Pay to Stay schemes where social landlords wish to introduce them.

In the meantime, revised rent guidance will make it clear that councils may charge higher rents if they so decide. CLG plans to consult on the revised guidance in due course.

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