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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

ARCH – the way forward Councillor Paul Ellis & Matthew Warburton - 28/11/2014

Feedback_300ARCH was established nearly a decade ago to win a fairer deal for councils choosing to retain housing. Since that time we have helped achieve the move to self-financing.


But times have moved on and councils with housing face additional new challenges. That is why, as I reported in July, the ARCH Executive decided to commission ARP Research to carry out a comprehensive survey of members' views on what ARCH should now stand for and what services it should provide, to help shape an updated vision for the organization and a refreshed and improved offer to member councils.


The ARCH Executive has now considered the findings of the survey and agreed a response. Our Chair, Paul Ellis, has written to chief housing officers and housing portfolio holders in all member authorities to explain what we will do.


We are grateful to all those members who took the trouble to complete the on-line survey or to be interviewed by ARP. Their responses have been tremendously helpful, both in clearly signaling the need for ARCH to develop in line with changed times, and indicating what changes are needed.


The ARCH Executive decided on a series of immediate steps:


  • To articulate a new vision for ARCH which reflects the issues and priorities of central concern to ARCH members going forward, and to promote this vision through an ARCH manifesto.


  • To improve communication with members and widen the range of contacts we are in touch with in member councils.


  • To organize during 2015 a series of regional day seminars to provide members in all parts of the country with an opportunity to be more involved with other ARCH members to discuss matters of regional concern and further the aims of the organization.


  • To review the arrangements for leadership and governance of ARCH, and for the Annual Conference, to encourage involvement of a new - and more diverse - group of members.


The new vision will form the basis of a refreshed member offer and business plan to be approved by the ARCH Executive on 19 January and circulated to all member authorities immediately thereafter.


We welcome members' comments on ARCH's future direction in response to this blog or at any time. We want to make ARCH an organization which all member councils find invaluable and of which they are proud to be a member.


Matthew can be contacted on

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