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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Community Projects: Just Act website 29/04/2015 Labelled as Tenants

ARCH briefing 12/2015


In Issue 4 of the ARCH Bulletin, we provided information about the availability of grants under the DCLG First Steps Programme for Tenants and Residents interested in developing practical action to improve their neighbourhood or housing estate.


Councils and Tenant & Resident Groups may also be interested in the new Just Act website and My Community Network which the DCLG hosts.


The website provides practical advice for anyone wanting to make a difference and improve their community, it has advice and information from a variety of organisations and people who are involved in community projects.  

You can join the My Community Network to chat to experts and connectwith others who are also passionate about their community. Through the Network, you get:


  • Access to live discussions and exclusive expert advice on the forum
  • Inspiration and tips from other people from across the country
  • Quick responses to questions about community activity and programmes
  • Networking with like-minded and experienced people
  • Coaching and mentoring from experts in the field
  • Access to support and advice from the My Community Champions
  • Invitations to free learning hubs and event
  • My Community Network e-newsletter


To join the My Community Network, click here.

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