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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

ARCH/NFA Manifesto: Next steps 29/04/2015

ARCH briefing 17/2015


ARCH and NFA officials have met to discuss how to influence the new Government on behalf of councils with housing. Our joint manifesto was an important first step, but it is, deliberately, brief and general, aiming to make our shared objectives clear and understandable. We are now planning a submission to incoming Ministers, and also to other relevant senior Parliamentarians if, as the polls suggest, the election fails to deliver a majority for any one party. This submission will spell out our demands in more detail and illustrate their importance using case study material drawn from ARCH and NFA members.


We are particularly keen to find examples illustrating where:


  • Borrowing caps are holding back development of new homes for which there is a clear and urgent need
  • Rules on use of RTB receipts are preventing one-for-one replacement of sold homes
  • Current planning legislation is working against council policies and ambitions for local housing development.


ARCH members are requested to send any relevant material to Matthew Warburton ( We would also welcome views on the reforms proposed in our manifesto - are they the ones that are most needed, and are there other demands ARCH should be making of the new government? 

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