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Right to Move – Response to Consultation 11/03/2015

ARCH Briefing 4/2015


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9 March 2015


Key proposals


Following consultation, the Government has decided to proceed with introduction of a Right to Move for social tenants by:


  • Regulating to disapply any residency test for tenants who need to move in order to be closer to their work or to take up a job offer or apprenticeship; amending regulations are to be laid by the end of March.


  • Amending statutory guidance to make clear that the "hardship" reasonable preference category relates to social tenants moving for work or training; the new guidance will also be issued during March.


  • When time allows, introducing a separate reasonable preference category to give effect to the Right to Move, subject to further consultation on how a new category would work.


  • Including in the new guidance a requirement for councils to set aside a minimum of 1% of lettings for tenants moving under the Right to Move scheme.




In September 2014, the Government consulted on proposals to introduce a Right to Move for social tenants.

A few minor changes have been included in the confirmed scheme:


  • The scheme will only apply to tenants moving to be nearer work, or to take up a job offer or apprenticeship, and not to moves to access work-related training, as originally proposed;


  • A new reasonable preference category and guidance to clarify the application of the existing "hardship" category were originally proposed as alternatives; DCLG now proposes to take forward the second alternative for the time being, but introduce a new category in the next Parliament.


ARCH Comment


We will issue a separate briefing on the new regulations and guidance when they are published.


Link to the original Government consultation and the Government's response to the consultation

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