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Housing Zones 31/03/2015

ARCH Briefing 6/2015

Issued by: 
Mayor of London, DCLG

Date issued:
London - 20 February 2015
England - 18 March 2015

Key points


Nine areas in London, and 20 areas in the rest of England have been selected as the first Housing Zones.

Housing Zones are intended to accelerate the development of brownfield land; designated areas will benefit from a share of a Government fund for "recoverable investments", cheaper borrowing from PWLB and access to specialist planning advice.

Local authorities were invited to apply in partnership with private developers, which will benefit from the recoverable investement; councils will be able to borrow from PWLB at favourable rates.

The fund for recoverable investments is £200 million for London and £200 million for the rest of England.



In June 2014, the Mayor of London published a Prospectus inviting bids from London Boroughs to establish Housing Zones; a DCLG Prospectus for the rest of England followed in August 2014.


Link to London Housing Zones announcement
Link to England Housing Zones announcement

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