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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Report from Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill's report to ARCH Tenants' Group AGM - June 2017

Since the last AGM we have continued to look at the new legislation and John has been keeping us up to date on the Housing and Planning Act and in particular Part 4. As you know Pay to Stay went and I think that ARCH may have had some influence with this. 

Fixed Term Tenancies which we are all interested in has yet to be finalised and in view of the recent election I do not think, although John will correct me if I am wrong, that the finer details of this will not be published soon.


The implications of the High Value Stock and the levy has been deferred until 2018 at the earliest.


I think we are to be consulted on the future rent policy once the four-year period of rent reduction ends.


However, as with all the above we now have a new Housing Minister and who knows what will happen.


We had a very good presentation from Kettering in how they involve their tenants in scrutiny.  This was a good example of how tenants and councils can work together with their tenants.


I know from our conferences and our meetings here that not all of us have the same relationship but now more than ever since the dreadful fire we need to push for more involvement and get our voices heard.


We are also involved along with other housing providers in Smashing Silly Stereotypes (Now called Benefit to Society) and Carol will be speaking about this later in the meeting.


Our conference in Leamington Spa was I think one of the best and I just hope we have just as a successful conference in Birmingham.


On a sad note, we lost one of our long-standing member Michael Hewlett and Rachel who used to be on the TG and Brian Tully (not here today) attended his funeral.


We also send our thoughts and best wishes to another longstanding member Jim Nichol who wife died only last week and those of you who remember Jim and would like to sign the card which Marlene has kindly brought it.


Finally, I would like to thank Carol for her continued support and John for all his help in explaining the legislation.


Finally, and my no means least, I would like to thank you all for your support.


Jenny Hill, Chair of ARCH tenants' group