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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

ARCH Tenants' Group

The ARCH Tenants' Group is made up of tenant representatives from ARCH member authorities across England. It is a sub-group of the ARCH executive board, and held its inaugural meeting in November 2008. Its quarterly meetings since have been well attended.

The chair and vice chair of the Tenants' Group are the resident representative on the ARCH executive board (they are also Directors on the ARCH Executive Board) and act as a liaison point between the two.

Executive board minutes and Tenants' Group minutes are shared between the two bodies via the members' only area on the ARCH website, to which Tenants' Group members have access.
Residents have been recruited from across England to ensure the ARCH Tenants' Group fully reflects ARCH's membership across the country.


Details of current membership of the Group can be found here.


Jenny and Marlene

The Tenants Group has fed its views into the national review of housing finance, Tenant Services Authority proposals and other key issues affecting the sector. It shapes the contents of the ARCH annual tenants' and residents' conferences and is instrumental in organising its annual tenants conference.


Tenants' Group meetings

2018 Private

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

2019 Private

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

2017 Private

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

2016 Private

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

2015 Private

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes.